Services We Offer

Rewriter API

Pay as you go API available including documentation at the link below.

Write your application in multiple languages

Do you have an application written in english that you want to write into another language? We can help write your app into more than 100 languages.

Application creation

Although we are able to write complex applications, we prefer to write simple applications that can be used by a large number of people. Smaller applications have a much faster build time and are quicker to get to the public with users using the application.

Application Rewriting using the React Javascript Framework

If your application is written in a different computer language, we can take that logic and rewrite it in the React Javascript Framework. See the comment mentioned above about our preferences for application complexity.

Want to hire me and my team?

Reach out to me via email, preferably in english, and let us know the scope of your project. The cost of my time is 200 USD per hour, the rest of the team will vary based on skillset.

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