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Why is Our Api the Best Out There?

Unlike other rewriters out there (such as word AI or Spinbot), we do more than just use synonyms to change the text in an article (Changing the synonyms can distort the meaning when the algorithm ignores the other lexical information in context). Our rewriting algorithm drills deep down into the meaning of the text and looks for other ways to convey the same meaning in other forms. In doing so, we also make sure to correct any gramatical mistakes along the way. If you would like to access our api, please contact us at any of the links down below.

Why It's Free?

We believe robots should be the ones rewriting text. Rewriting text is useful for search engine optimization (SEO), making copies of books or papers, for duplicating content in new ways, and for saving hours of human work hours. Automatic rewrite machines on the market currently cost a fortune, and we don't believe they should. Therefore, we offer our proprietary rewrite machine in over 100 different languages to make sure everyone has access to text rewriting capabilities.

What Can I Use This For?

Rewriting books
Rewriting articles
Rewriting social media posts
Rewriting homework
Rewriting essays
Rewriting websites
Rewriting paragraphs
Rewriting texts
Rewriting sentences
Rewriting messages
Rewriting notes
Rewriting how to articles
Rewriting guides
Rewriting chapters
Rewriting exerpts
Rewriting news stories
Rewriting content pages
Rewriting book pages
Rewriting website pages
Rewriting in mulitiple languages
Rewriting quotes
Rewriting paraphrases
Rewriting for making ideas
Rewriting menus
Rewriting documentation
Rewriting school work
Rewriting reports
Rewriting powerpoint slides
Rewriting google docs
Rewriting word docs
Rewriting documents
Rewriting files
Rewriting webpages
Rewriting presentations
Rewriting emails
Rewriting translated scripts
Rewriting plagarism
Rewriting textbooks
Rewriting lab reports
Rewriting instruction manuals

Recommended Usage and Tips

One Paragraph at a Time

It is best to rewrite one paragraph at a time so the machine will better be able to assess what the text means in its own context. Smaller chunks are much easier for it to handle allowing it to return a better result.

Avoid Vernaculars

Sometimes there are phrases in languages that do not get recognized well by text rewrite machines or translation technology that make it difficult to rewrite content. By avoiding unique phrases, the rewrite machine will be better able to rewrite your text.

Avoid Really Long Text

The longer the text, the more difficult it is for a rewriter to rewrite text because it has a greater difficulty finding the meaning of the text. It is much better to use smaller amounts of text.

Double Check Your Result

Text rewriters are not perfect, make sure you double check the text rewrite afterwards to make sure it looks readable. It is often necessary to change a word or two.

For Best Results

Use all the tips and advice above!

Example Article Rewrite


Since the 1960s much progress has been made, but it has arguably not come about from the pursuit of human-imitative AI. Rather, as in the case of the Apollo spaceships, these ideas have often been hidden behind the scenes, and have been the handiwork of researchers focused on specific engineering challenges. Although not visible to the general public, research and systems-building in areas such as document retrieval, text classification, fraud detection, recommendation systems, personalized search, social network analysis, planning, diagnostics and A/B testing have been a major success — these are the advances that have powered companies such as Google, Netflix, Facebook and Amazon.


Much progress has been made since the 1960s, but it may not have been achieved with the search for imitative human AI. Rather, as in the case of the Apollo spacecraft, these ideas have often been hidden behind the scenes and have been the work of researchers focused on specific engineering challenges. Despite not being visible to the general public, research and systems creation in areas like document retrieval, text classification, fraud detection, systems for recommendation, personalized search, analysis of social network, planning, diagnostics and A or B testing have been a great success. These advances have driven companies like Google, Netflix, Facebook and Amazon.


Happy Users


Hours Saved


Text Characters Rewritten

Paraphrasing and Rewriting Tools

Paraphrasing tools (also known as rewriting tools or spinners) can be used to rewrite large amounts of text. Our tool is more than just a spinner that uses a thesaurus to switch out synonyms. has created an api that will keep the syntatical nature of the text being rewritten but using the strongest power will often rearrange the sentence with the context intact.

How Our Rewriter API Works

Our tool uses machine learning and deep natural language processing to understand the syntactic, lexical, and textual nature of the language so that the text can be rewritten while maintaining the correct context. No rewriting, rephrasing, or spinning API is perfect, but the focus of this rewriter is to keep the gramatical nature of the sentence for the language in question intact. Smodin look at the various parts of speech including nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and conjunctions.


Thank you so much for this amazing tool! Please keep this up and running!

- TJ

I love how your rewriter keeps the text readable, I have not seen any of the other text writers change the arrangement and leave it still readable.

- DR

Cet écrivain m'a aidé avec tant d'articles, cela fonctionne très bien merci!

- FP

Ihr Tool ist so gut darin, den Text lesbar zu halten, aber dennoch etwas anderes zu sagen. Wie machst du das?

- DK

شكرًا لك ، أداتك تعمل جيدًا حقًا ، أحتاج إلى هذا للعمل الذي أقوم به

- AA


We offer our proprietary rewrite machine in over 100 different languages. However, this page here may have been written by a translator. If you would like to help us with grammar or advice, please contact us below.

API Endpoint Access

We currently offer our automatic rewrite machine in nearly 100 languages, and have a wait list for some language API endpoints. If you would like to be considered to use the API, please contact us below (preferably in english).

About Us

We believe that anyone should be able to use technological necessities. Our way of making that happen is by building simple applications which can be used in a variety of languages. Although our main focus is language based applications, we are in the process of building tools for everyday use cases. Have an idea for an application that might be useful in many other languages other than english? Feel free to reach out to use, we would love to hear from you!

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