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We create applications usable in over 100 languages. We are currently building 5 new apps which are useful tools for your every day work. If you would like to use our services or have an idea to build and have us put it on our website, reach out at the link below.

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About Us

We believe that anyone should be able to use technological necessities. Our way of making that happen is by building simple applications which can be used in a variety of languages. Although our main focus is language based applications, we are in the process of building tools for everyday use cases. Have an idea for an application that might be useful in many other languages other than english? Feel free to reach out to use, we would love to hear from you!

Got App Ideas? Tell Us!

We are looking to provide useful simple applications for as many people as possible! It can be as simple as a clever calculator, and as complex as a machine learning tracker! Send us your idea, if you can (or already did) code it, and one of our team members will be in touch! Email us below and let's talk about how we can put your application into 40-100 languages.

We only have one criteria, it can not require a database. We keep our applications as simple and easy to maintain as possible, and databases can add complicated maintenance.
Contact us at ideas@app-translation.com


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